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Retail Cloudhouse® is an all-inclusive cloud based business intelligence solution that provides a seamless insight into various areas of the Retail business with established processes and mechanisms to manage, support, monitor, educate and communicate within your business for a small per user monthly fee depending on individual business needs. 

Retail Cloudhouse solution is aimed at retailers of all sizes to

  • re-design the customer experience,
  • re-invigorate operational excellence and
  • re-imagine growth.

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Fashion retailing has been redefined by complexity and speed. With supply cycles longer than demand cycles, the importance of being on trend ...

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Channel blurring, consolidation and massive shifts in consumer demographics and preferences have redefined grocery segment.

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Store saturation in traditional markets and widespread consumer access to information through the web has redefined ..

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Each year, the restaurant industry sales grow drastically,increasing the restaurant industry's employment growth at a steady rate.

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